What Is The Easiest Way To Learn, To Me?

Nirmit Shah (Learning4it)
Jun 18, 2019   •  314 views

Hey learner!

As I always I treat you a “learner”, do you know what I believe the easiest way to learn with? Here’s some discussion about the easiest way to learn!Read on to know more…

Let me get you to your childhood days.How awesome was that?Isn’t it?Whenever we express ourselves with “child” or our own memories in such era, then mostly we all feel nostalgic with a bit excitement.Did you ever imagine how curious were we to learn new things?I mean, we had never asked any elder or younger one to teach something yet we usually were trying something primarily by ourselves.

Are you relating this?If you can relate this then don’t forget to comment “Relatable” in comment section because I’m so grateful that you are reading this right now.Alright!

What is the cause of actual learning?

See, all you need is to be kid.

Kid never asks anyone to teach something atleast at first.You may have felt that whenever you try to grab a new toy from a kid in sense of teaching him, he’ll get angry and always tries to try.This implies one greater lesson that-

To improve, we need to learn first,to learn, we need to try first,to try, we need to be curious.

This is all essence of the “actual” learning.Well!Let me relate this with you.Have you ever played a sport till now?Trainings and coaching apart, firstly your try had always there to learn and improve that.Isn’t it so?

Have a flow of doing (Perfection V/s Progression)

According to me, I don’t chase perfection because I’ve failed so many times in terms of execution part.If you are chasing perfection, then I wont advice you to do so.But, if you are, then let me show you this!To achieve perfection, you’ll need to progress.To progress, you’ll need to improve.To improve, you’ll need to learn.To learn, you’ll need to try.

So again, it’s all directing to the one single step, that, it is to execute, to atleast do or try.Seek the purpose and flow of your work.When I was frustrated and learning through my past bad days, something had urged me to spread wisdom.So, I’ve just initiated a step by a pen and paper.I was not knowing that I can also write this much.

I was really bad at English grammar at the starting, but since 2 weeks I’ve started improving my English.And now I can understand the secret of successful people.It is to start with a flow, and then improve it later if you feel like its suitable for you.

In fact, you only need to be in dimension of your mind to start without any expectations.You just don’t know where this life will take you.I’m not including any smart or hard work philosophy here, because it all comes down in the line when you atleast start something.


1.All you need is to be kid.

2.Initiate the process anyhow, and then figure out about your loving doing.

3.Improve it when you are doing it full heartedly, because you won’t progress if you won’t improve.

In the end, you won’t have any regrets of the same thing because you’ve experienced that dimension.This is the reason why kid likes a particular toy or sport and dislikes other one.

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Keep Spreading Wisdom!

Thank You!

Much Love <3




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Wow! I'm so glad
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really good
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Great Article. Loved It.