Before getting started into this conversation with you, let me tell you who is this person namely, Avicii.

Tim Bergling, a very well known by his name Avicii, is an EDM artist and a DJ.

He creates music, sometimes singing his own songs along with his amazing lyrics.

Now you might be thinking, “Okay! What’s new in this? They are a lot of famous singers and EDM artists including inspiring music and lyrics, so what’s different in him?”


Alright! Here I continue this matter by sharing my heart-out.

Read on to know more…

It was an evening, summertime, warm breeze, and sun-set situation, I was listening to one of his song namely “The Nights” and was deeply understanding the lyrics, sitting above on the terrace.

After having the dinner, I was studying some subjects for my entrance examination (almost 1 year back) and sometimes later felt sleepy and tired.

My brother (from another room) shouted loudly, “ Are you kidding me?”

I suddenly got distracted towards that big obstructing sound and immediately went to his room and inquired.

I heard some weird news there, got frightened, and felt like I’m lost.

It was silence in the room, and me so quiet, too much, like never before.

The news was “Avicii is dead!” :/ (Source – Google)

You know what made me feel so low that time was the punch line in his song “The Nights” which I had just heard before 2-3 hours.

And the line is

One day you'll leave this world behind, these are the nights that will never die.

What would happen when you listen to this lyrical song and found out the creator of that song is dead?

I literally feel this song to the best and I cannot express through words.

Check out this song

When I had planned to share my experience with you, I’ve got to know that Rita Ora had also stated the same as “He Changed My Life.”

I think I can feel her.

News was spreading instantly at press, TV, social media about:

“What did Avicii die of?”

“How Tim Bergling Avicii die?”

“Did Avicii retire?”

“What did DJ Avicii die of?”

“What is Avicii worth?”

To my perspective, I must say he is alive, his spirit is still within me and he is dead just with the means of the body.

Basically, only he can define his self-worth but still if you want to know about his worth than I must say start listening to his songs along with lyrics.

What Do I Love Avicii For?

•Inspiring Music

•Deep Lyrics

•Messaging Music Video

There are people including me who still feel what he felt with his song, music, and lyrics.

Practically, he’s within me, my phone ringtone is his song, my wallpaper is filled by his symbol and I daily listen to his one song(Not forcefully, it’s happening with a feeling).

I’m not his fan, but I must say, he has changed my life.

My Conclusion And Perception

In the song, “Wake me up”, there is a line stating,“I don't know where the journey will end but do know where to start.”

“Life's a game made for everyone and love is the price”.

That's it!

Whatever problem you've right now and will arrive, let me conclude you with this


Yes, I cried right after I got to know about his death.

Because in his song he said “One day you'll leave this world behind.”

And his day had already come.

He inspires me to remind myself “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE”.

Taking this very wisely, you can be very patient, humble, calm and peaceful throughout your life.

You'll love yourself!

You'll love others!

You'll be loved forever just like Avicii!

R. I. P. Avicii

It'd mean a lot if this message is shared to as many people as it can be because if I can do it, you can do then let most of the people do it.

Keep spreading Wisdom!


Much love!

Thank you!

Future Updates - Very exciting and interesting stories are coming very soon, stay tuned for the same.

P.S. - I'm excited to publish such inspiring and beautifull stories!

Are you excited?

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Now.... Achivi is also change my lifee... 🙏🙏
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Hatts off to that person 🙌