Are You Suffering From Fear Of Missing Out? A Fomo Thing, You Must Know!

Nirmit Shah (Learning4it)
Jun 17, 2019   •  519 views

Alright, learner!Did you ever feel like missing out something?I mean while taking crucial decisions or lets suppose random decision, may it be smaller or bigger, you might have experienced such thoughts like

·If I’d go for movie, then I’ll miss this event.

·See! I’ve told him not to join that club, now he’s missing today’s opportunity to meet this celebrity.

·Oh damn! I’m late, I could have registered that live concert earlier, my friends will enjoy for sure.

And blah !

What is Fear of missing out (FOMO)?

An act of impatience towards the things which you don’t have and an urge to not missing it out at any cost because our mind believes that’s the best way to enjoy and stay happy.

What are signs of FOMO?

1.Say for example, you are watching YouTube and scrolling feeds and the same moment you are adding some videos to “Watch Later” again and again.Where in actual practicality, you are watching videos rarely from that “Watch Later” section.

2.Being an info-junky!

Well, info junky is a state where you only gather information from online, novel, or a random book.This is the phase where you know everything but with minimum execution.

3.Peer pressure

Now this is pretty awful.A conversation in which your friend or relative suggests you a movie, book, an event or whatever.It’s absolutely alright to have such suggestions from them but a problem initiates within you the moment you down yourself believing you’ve not watched that movie, book yet.Now if you consider yourself from above 3 categories then let me tell you this, further…

Is FOMO good or bad?

See! It’s not really about being good or a bad towards a spontaneous behavior of our human mind against FOMO.If you treat it as a good or even as a bad, you’ll surely survive with the other side of which you don’t believe.Instead understand that it is an issue occurring to each and every human well-being, I’ve considered myself in that as well.

The only thing is“ARE YOU TRUE TO YOURSELF?”Because Fomo is the actual “jealous thing”, it’s an endless game.Illusion is an endless approach, if you chase something, you’ll always missing something.The moment you’ve realized that you are who you are then you’ll be happy in any moment without missing out anything.

Fomo is neither good nor bad, you’ll be humble if you know who you are and where you are.

What is lacking in fomo?

How to get rid of fomo?

It requires practice of gratitude and awareness towards what you are doing.I literally cannot help you through your fomo, you know where you are missing out.Keep figuring out where you are missing out or stay curious with your every present situation.

Choice is always yours

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Thank You!

Much Love <3




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Wow, I'm so grateful
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Very lovely and touching one.......Pls take a look at my articles too
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Inferiority complex can also play a vital role....
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Great Article. Loved It.