Karimnagar Silver Filigree ( The Pride Of Telangana) -

Nidhi Singh
May 28, 2019   •  25 views

Karimnagar Silver filigree is a silver filigree made in karimnagar, India. It is an ancient art of karimnagar. Karimnagar silver filigree derives its name from a town called karimnagar,district in Andhra Pradesh state. In local language, filigree is refer to as Vendi teega pani silver wirework

Earlier, filigree called as filigram or filigrene. It represents a delicate form of jewellery network. The work are accompained by the pieces of tiny beads or twisted threads or it is the combination of both, and usually it is made of gold and silver .

In telangana, karimnagar region is like a home for the artists who are very much talented and dedicated to their work. The artist practise the delicate craftsmanship calles filigree. They have very much knowledge in creating many articles through Silver Filigree such as spoons, cigarette cases, button boxes, jewellery and also perfume containers.

The artisans of karimnagar display fine mastery wherein they twist the delicate silver wire into delicate loops. They create many different and special designs involving peacock, parrots and fish. The versatility of this art is not limited.

Therefore, the work of silver filigree considered as a great craft which is widely popular. In India, there is a lot of demand for silver filigree from all over India. It has been passed on since generations and represents the artistic as well as cultural pride of karimnagar district in Telangana.