Sorry But A Woman Will Not Sacrifice

Jul 15, 2019   •  442 views

Feminist, the new age word for the woman who stands against the injustice or the unfairness with the woman. But the funniest thing is not a single woman ever said that you are a typical feminist. Why always the man says that I always wondered? But then I realized that they are the men who actually are afraid of such woman. Because they know that any feminist woman won't take any injustice against them.

So this is about a social gathering that I attended yesterday. I was completely shaken aback by the words of a man. I was totally taken away by the rage in me because what he said didn't only surprise me but it completely disappointed and depressed me. And it was astonishing to see that not a single woman raised a voice against it, not even my mother which actually scared me. Till date I used to get upset looking at this injustice but now I regret to exist in this world as a woman. Because if I were a man I would also have the liberty to do what I wanted. I would not have been compelled by the society to follow the men. I would have been rather free.

I mean its so easy for a man to say that woman are meant to sacrifice, that they should let go things at every stage of their life. They should always adjust. I mean I ask these men who are you to compel us to do what you want. This is our life and I am sorry but you have no rights to teach us what is right and what is wrong. Today's women is self dependant, they don't need your favors for their survival.

And trust this if you think we are feminist, then you are only responsible to make us one. And it is your mistake to consider feminism as something against men. Because feminism is only about a balance between both the sexes.

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