Advancing But Damaging Technology

Jul 17, 2019   •  92 views

Today, almost every house has mobile phones in the ratio equal to the number of members in the house. No doubt, it has become an important need today. But can you call all the time spent on the phone as useful or productive? Majority of the times, we are either on youtube, facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc. And what we do, simply nothing useful.

Recently, I went to meet my college friend. We were at the food court area because it was a convenient place for us to sit and talk. When I looked at my surrounding, i was amazed to see everyone over the phone. I mean there were groups of 10 persons but still all were busy on their phones. I was wondering that if all of them are together here, they must there for some reason either for some work or simply to spend time with each other. But unfortunately, Mobile Phones (Technology) replaced it.

We always call Mumbai, Delhi to be fully jammed with traffic but I see nothing different in my own city. If there are four members in a family, each of them has their own scooter or a moped. Dont you think 4 members can be occupied by 2 Mopeds? Now what happens is that to make way for these many vehicles on the road, forcefully, government has to broaden the road. As a result, more trees are being cut and more harm is made to the environment.

Actually, what we are doing is for the advancement in the present life, we are simply runinig our future lives. First we destroy the forests for more land, paper, wood and then we question God for the insufficient rain. Yesterday, there were news that a pooja was done for rains and some 1000s of trees are to be planted. My question is we all knew while doing the deforestation that this is going to impact us in the future, yet we destroyed the trees then why did we do it at the first place? Secondly, if we did, we knew the consequences then why were we waiting for the adversity to occur? Now what are we doing? Simply crying. We thought of growing more trees when the rains stopped. Aren't we Selfish?

What I believe is with the introduction of any new technology in the country, government should also make a rule pertaining to the usage of the same. There should be a predetermined limit for usage of any technology. This will make our lives convenient and will not harm the environment.

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