When I say Natural Beauty, it means I am totally talking about a glowing skin. Every woman wants a beautiful and some don't mind which face or color their skin is. Sometimes we come across people and fall in love with their skin or sometimes we judge and feel inferior to others. And sometimes we develop a little pride and boast about our skins. What if I give you the idea of accepting whoever you are and also give credit to however the people you come across are.

I feel any person can flaunt themselves with the body and skin they have got. For example, Winnie Harlow who had a skin abnormality turned out to be a supermodel and also walked the Victoria's Secret. There are people who are living a beautiful life despite their flaws, their complexion, though they had faced their hardships.

1. My first point would be TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL FROM THE INSIDE, that would naturally show the beauty on your face. Love yourself.

2. Accept the body you are given with. A friend of mine had acne and pimples and she worked so hard on them for years and years that she finally gave up and started accepting. Her skin got cleared but she does face problems now and then but that doesn't matter anymore after which she found a guy who loves her deeply.

3. Take good care of your skin you have. Drink lots of water. We all know the importance of water. Have it whenever possible to keep your body hydrated and also do not waste water.

4.start cultivating new habits-


B)AVOIDING MUCH JUNK FOOD ( plan cheat days which has really helped me. It also reduces the urge to eat outside).


In cities, where there are pollution and solar radiation, one can always try out some natural products to maintain the skin soft and bright.

a) Use fruits or vegetables as a face pack. ex: Orange, Papaya, Watermelon, Tomato, etc.

b) A face scrub and a body scrub is best to apply once in five days.

c) Having an oil bath is good for the skin and makes the skin shiny.

d) Always use natural products like Multani mitti (fuller's earth) or Aloe vera gel or try your hands on various products and figure out which is working for you.I personally like LOTUS products, especially face creams. Leave your skin without any cosmetic products as much as possible(depends on the skin type though). Moisturizing is good.

5.MEDITATE: Meditation is one of the best therapy to achieve glowing skin. Meditation not only brings peace but also a bright and smiling face. I have experienced it myself.

I hope these points were simple and helpful and one last suggestion is to prepare your skin before you step out (according to the place you are going or according to the season). Stay away from chemicals.



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you wrote well.keep it up.please check my profile too
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Very helpful tips!