When Someone Appreciates You..........

Neegam Nain
Feb 19, 2019   •  13 views

I am a reader but, when it comes to writing I used to think I am a disaster in this specific domain and I would never do justice with writing.

"Writing is not my cup of tea",this was my preconceived thought. By the way, I would prefer fruit juice over tea and coffee every time.

When I started my short internship, I was not confident enough whether I will able to complete this or not. I had my doubts. The very first obstacle for me was to put my thoughts in black and white. Being poetic while writing is out of my league. This is the thing which I could never attain in my whole life.

But, I wrote 8 articles on random subjects. I was not confident about my skills so, never shared with anyone. Finally today, I shared my articles with a handful of my close friends. The step I took inadvertently I didn't know the reactions I am about to confront with. My friend "Gunjan" came to my room and said "I didn't know you write so well, they are more than good.", this sentence heightened my confidence. She is a person with strong values and she is not going to fake just to please anyone. Receiving a compliment from her means a lot.

That was the moment when I decided to share my articles with everyone. I was astonished to found that people actually loving my articles. My today's achievement is my views have reached to 129 from 38.

And the little appreciation from your companions makes easier to take a few steps ahead. Appreciation can be a strong motivation to become better. If you try to copy others, you might lose yourself in process of becoming someone else. So, I just continue to be myself

Today, I learned "few things happen in your life unexpectedly just to illuminate that you can do unimaginable stuff too."

I am still perplexed whether I would able to finish my internship but, this internship taught me some lessons which I would love to take forward in my life. It helped me to improve myself and it opened some new doors for me where I can invest my time.

Thank you to all of you who appreciated my work today, you don't even have an idea how grateful I am to recieve those magnificent words from you guys.

"Keep appreciating people........"



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Appreciation acts as morale booster, both for Good & Bad Habits. One must be careful enough on what he/she is appreciating at. In your case, 😎 "Great Work", keep writing.