Generation Of Broken People.....

Neegam Nain
Jun 16, 2019   •  30 views

Somewhere I have heard this phrase “This is the generation of emotionally and mentally broken people.”

Take a closure glance around you, you’ll find people who are smiling on surfaces, but deep down deluging in their own despairs.

How beautifully one can conceal the pain behind that heavenly smile? These people act as an absorber, everything you throw at them whether it is sweet or bitter, they silently soak up everything. Whereas some people are awe-inspiring, they go everywhere solely with one motive that is to enjoy the moment, even if they are going through the most ill-timed situations. Those living spirits are rare to find. A salute to those people out there who are inspiring others even though they are staggering in their own path.

Does anyone notice that today, teenagers are getting mature too early? At the age of playing and studying, studies reveal that many are into depression and facing pressure. It is regretful but a fact that we are living in a society that is promoting materialism. That is again a major drawback of this generation; people are measuring success and happiness based on the brand someone is wearing. All of us are struggling with some extent of stress, anxiety, depression, self-doubt and addiction.

What are the major causes of all the above-mentioned problems?

Nowadays people have become self-centred than need to be. People are being too fast to judge others. People are busy in seeing chaos from their own perspective instead of trying to step into other’s shoes for a while. Somehow in this era of cutthroat competition, we have forgotten our roots. We have left behind what our teachers had taught us in primary school.

We have buried our emotions and concealed ourselves with fake smiles. When the expectations are not fulfilled, they soon become a burden. Sometimes, burdens shape into internal demons. These demons eat person internally day by day. Also, our society has created an environment which dictates that there is no place for failures. Another major cause of stress is “SABSE BADA ROG, KYA KAHENGE LOG (What will society say?).”

One can easily observe despondence across people’s faces. People with broken hearts are everywhere. Start being polite to others. Embrace empathy towards people rather presenting them the tag of emotional fools. The very best thing one can do is to become a good listener. If you can’t do anything at least try to be a good listener.

P.S - One of my dear friends, Saksham Gupta asked me to write again when I told him that it has been a long since I have written something. He advised me not to stop writing, I told him “Today look around you’ll see writers and poets everywhere, everyone is writing, so whether I write or not, it won’t make any difference.”
“Writers are everywhere, inscribing their hearts out on papers.”