United By Love❤, Divided By Caste💔

Natalia P Gonsalvez
Jun 24, 2019   •  48 views

What is love? Who found it? How does it actually feel to fall in love, be in love and finally to get drowned in love?

Some say you will feel butterflies in your stomach, every star in the sky will appear as a full moon, you will find the world go slower than usual. Is that all? No, love is not just mere feelings. It is something more than what you can express and what words can define.

How do you know she/he is the right one or the perfect soulmate? Nothing happens in the first look. It is rubbish to tell that you fell in love with a person at first sight.

Love demands to be felt.

A simple Hi and a handshake to exchanging of phone numbers and daily chatting, then a cup of coffee and many more outings and quality time spent together with that special person will lead to a better understanding and then you can decide whether he/she is the one.



Best friends,




And then comes happily ever after.

Marriages are made in heaven. Two hearts need to connect soulfully for that perfect wedding to happen. Overcome all the problems that life throws at you especially what the so-called Society puts in front of you - caste, religion and status. Face them all one by one, defeat them all in one go and then you will reach the destination called Wedding- the Big day of your life.

Marriage is not just two people coming together. The boy's family should like the girl. The girl's family should like the boy. The boy's family should like the girl's family and the girl's family should like the boy's family. Ultimately two families of different cultural backgrounds come together and finalize the wedding with the consent of all the elders of both the families. I know it looks like reading a Chetan Bhagat book. But this is the fact.

Now coming to the other side. Not all love story ends in marriage. There are tragic stories too. One sided love to double-sided love. When the boy and the girl are a perfect match but the norms of the society dictate terms saying it won't happen because of sophisticated reasons like caste, religion and status. There comes a full stop to every good thing that happened between the two. The two decide to part ways just for the sake of being accepted in society. Separation comes with a fine called pain, heartbreak and depression. You will see the whole love paradise that you built crumble down in front of your eyes. Demolished to fragments nothing left just bits and pieces that you carry to force yourself into another marriage which is according to the terms and conditions of the society. Can someone teach this society how not to discriminate people?

No one has the right to stop someone from loving or being loved.

Remember Rome was not built in a day. Likewise, take your own time to understand people and find the right one.

Happy living.



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Thank you khushi
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yes maha.
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it was completely true..
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Thank u kous😊
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Woah!...this is such a coolest true fact! Everyone must read it!♥️
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Thank you aarti.
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Beautiful article !!! Check out my articles too!!!