What is the greatest wealth?

It is health.

As the saying goes

"If health is lost everything is lost".

Health plays a vital role in our life. Without good health you will just be a puppet that doesn't live but merely exists.

To live a happy life one needs good health and for this, the only option is to take care of your health as if you are going to die the next day. I'm not telling you to live with the fear that you will die rather face life with courage and conviction.

What you eat and what youbreath defines your life.

Just don't stuff in whatever your eyes gazes upon when you are hungry. Be conscious of what you eat because what goes in reflects on your metabolic activities and this ultimately pays a toll on your health.

There are many children who are malnourished and die of starvation. With such a situation in this world, you and I are really blessed to get food easily on a platter. For every meal you eat and every single rice you waste, there is a kid in some part of the world that goes unfed because of poverty.

Value everything that you consume.

Karma is a boomerang and you can't say when you will be god forbidden in a situation where you have to struggle to have just a meal a day only to keep your growling stomach quiet.

Kilograms of food is being wasted every day. With this thousands of people can be fed. But can we feed people with stale food? No, so try not to waste food. Serve only what is necessary on to your plate.

When you wake up in the morning you definitely need the zeal to work hard and achieve your goals. But if you wake up coughing or with high temperature do you think you will be able to do any of your daily activity? The thought of falling ill itself will pull you down.

When you respect your body it will in returnhelp you move forward for the day.

Mental health is also as important as body health. Without a clear mind and thinking you can't reach anywhere. Throw all the clutter out of your head and fill it with positive thoughts.

You are what you think and act.

Never ignore the symptoms of your body. It could be a mild headache that could turn out to be fatal. So always pay attention to what your body tells you.



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Thank you khushi
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