Give me a pen and paper and I will describe you in my own words.

Yes, this time it's about love for writing.

Why would anyone want to take all the pain to hold a pen and write? Why waste papers? Why even think of writing something? Can't you just lie down and sleep?

All such questions are answered when someone reads your article or poem in a book or even online. From books to Mobile screens the means to read and write has changed. There were days where people used to write letters for their loved one, also when there was no mobile phones and paper and pen was something very precious. Nowadays very rarely we see people going to the post office to post one letter.

Try writing something to your dear ones, open up your heart and spill the words onto the paper. Once you begin writing you will immerse into it and happy tear droplets will be seen on the paper. You might want to share something with a person but you will find it difficult to speak, you will seem lost in every word of this universe. During such times writing helps. Write a letter, each word in the letter should whisper into the ears of the reader what you exactly feel.

It is a good habit to write down whatever happened that day in your life. Later after years when you flip the pages of your diary, you will get to read all that happened in the past and you will relish the memories of the gone by days be it good or bad.

A pen is mightier than the sword.

Your words are more powerful than the roar of a lion. You can influence people with what you write. When you write positive thoughts you are indeed building positivity in others.

What you write can either make or break a heart. So be careful about what you intend to write and what type of words you use.

The more you write the more you will improve your vocabulary and your perspective towards life will change.

There are many authors who inspire others, motivate others and are the driving force for some to write. My personal favourite motivational author is Shiv Khera. Sit in a place where you won't be distracted and let your thoughts flow through your pen. Express yourself.

Enjoy writing and let your words shout out loud.



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Natalia P Gonsalvez   •  4y  •  Reply
Thank you Janet.😁
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Janet Nivedha  •  4y  •  Reply
Nicely written