The yummiest thing is chocolate for me. What about you?

Chocolates help us to get relieved from stress. It makes our hearts light. It rejuvenates our tastebuds. It takes our mind and mood to a quiet place.

Imagine biting a bar of chocolate and when the chocolate melts on your tongue... I am sure by now your mouth would have watered. Such is the power of chocolates.

There is nothing greater than having melted chocolate on your tongue.

Chocolates are special for a couple. Chocolates are romantic and the act of gifting one to your loved one and biting into the same chocolate brings two hearts closer.

Chocolate is sometimes a love potion or medicine.

Chocolates are good...and they are better than human faces. "You can't argue with the joy of eating a good piece of chocolate,"said Nancy Rodriguez, a registered dietitian with Edward Hospital in Naperville. Chocolates when consumed release endorphins and serotonin which makes us feel elated.

There are mainly 3 types of chocolate.

White chocolate
dark chocolate and
milk chocolate.

Dark Chocolate consists mainly of cocoa beans. It is also called semi-sweet chocolate. It does not have a milky flavour.

Milk Chocolate It has cocoa beans and milk solids. This gives it the milky taste. It is generally made with dry milk powder.

White chocolate contains cocoa butter and all the milk solids.
The cocoa beans are from the tree called Theobroma cacao found in the tropical Amazon forest.
The famous Cadbury dairy milk silk Advertisement is very much liked by many. It is said that dark chocolate is healthier than white chocolate. But many prefer eating white chocolate to dark chocolate because it is not bitter like the latter.

From kids to elder people everyone likes chocolates. In rare cases, there are people who don't like chocolates and this is maybe they have not known the taste and the happiness you get while eating chocolate.

There are expensive chocolates at the same time there are good ones like Toblerone, swiss Lindt. Chocolates can be made with a combination of coconut and nuts like Bounty, Snickers. Wafers coated with chocolate like kitkat are also tasty.

At the end of the day, all that matters is to have chokies and getthe YUMM feeling.

We have to also be cautious about eating a lot of chocolate which can decay our tooth. Daily brush your teeth before going to sleep.

Love chocolates, eat with a limit and enjoy it limitlessly.



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