Why Hire A Commercial Litigation Lawyer?

Narinder Katal
Oct 31, 2019   •  4 views


Businesses owners need a helping hand to initiate and run their business successfully and ward off the ruinous impact of litigations. A commercial litigation lawyer is that helping hand.

Let’s face it. No business is immune to issues of finance, property and contracts. Once these issues arise, the business leader has two options to salvage pride, customer loyalty and brand value. One, seek out of court settlement. Two, fight a long-drawn-out legal battle. In either case, hiring an experienced commercial litigation lawyer makes perfect sense. Let’s discuss why.

Out of Court settlement:

Litigations often cost the business in time, money and credibility. Plus, the unfavourable verdict from the court can involve lengthy sentences and hefty penalties. Out of court settlement is the right strategy to prevent litigations, and a commercial litigation lawyer is a right person to initiate and handle the settlement process. The professional will negotiate with the opposing party for out of court settlement while safeguarding your interests. Upon reaching an agreement amicably, the litigator will handle all the paperwork needed to memorialize the agreement. The professional can even arrive on a settlement outside of the court at any stage of the lawsuit.

Representation in court:

The litigation is a complex process with many layers to it. The commercial litigation lawyer walks you through every stage of the lawsuit, from start to finish. The litigators research the case well, gather the required documents, locate witnesses, and get to the bottom of facts that caused the dispute. They do all the spadework to device practical, convincing and evidence-based trial strategies. Drafting various motions and answers sought by the court to taking care of the pre-trial tasks – they support it all, professionally. When it comes to court proceedings, the litigator provides convincing arguments, supported by proper evidence. Making an opening and closing statement, and examining witnesses is also part of his/her competency.

Even if you are yet to encounter such issues, a commercial litigation lawyer can still be invaluable. They are learned people who can guide you and your business to success. Here’s how.

Taxation Assistance:

Non-compliance to continually changing taxation laws can endanger a company’s reputation and assets. When so much is at stake, it’s better to rope in a lawyer specializing in taxation. They ensure your business stays in line with applicable laws, and all taxes are paid in time. Plus, they offer tax litigation services if the case has made its way to the court. Armed with procedural knowledge and experiential insights, the professionals help reduce the number of trials. Their focus is on drawing a favourable verdict, warding off heavy penalties, and keeping the company’s asset intact. Simply put, they are existentially useful in tax litigations.

Tax breaks are readily available for new businesses. However, the availability of tax reliefs is subject to certain procedural compliance. While you might struggle to do all procedures correctly, it’s all in a day’s job for the commercial litigation lawyer. So, it’s highly recommended to hire a corporate Gurgaon tax consultant to make the most of the available tax benefits.

You can count on the commercial litigation lawyer for company formations, purchasing and disposing of company assets, making cross-border transactions, and raising funds.