Who is Sanjeev?

Why I'm talking about this person?

Everything you will be getting to know after a few minutes!
( If you read my writeup till the end! -_-)

Sanjeev was born in Shimoga. He was an ordinary kid, didn't have any special talents. And yaa he was too shy!

His father, a hotelier was very strict when he was a kid! His mother was loving and caring for him so much she was beautiful and even had the beautiful name Saroja!

Sanjeev, when he was a kid, used to play cricket in a small passage beside his house with his friend! He had only dream when he was a kid is to be a Cricketer!!

He was working hard and even he had the talent too!
Among his friend's circle, he had become popular of his batting styles!! Many people used to say that he could become a professional cricketer in future!!

His parents were working hard, every kid would use to have delicious evening snacks made by their mothers but our Sanjeev mother was busy at work in their Hotel Bussiness! Sanjeev didn't accept the situation. One day entered the kitchen started to cook!

There was a new Sanjeev! Started to learn the cooking from his elder sister even though his aged boys were playing gully crickets!

Our hero Sanjeev became a teen now!
He started to represent his college in Under-17 & Under-19. He strived hard to achieve his dream! But destiny had other plans!

When Sanjeev made an effort to say his father about his career choice is CRICKET!
His father had few friends who were retired Indian cricketers just said Sanjeev that
"There is a lot of politics in Selection you can't make up to it".

Sad Sanjeev went to pursue engineering in Bangalore. He got a seat in Dayanand Sagar College for Industrial & Production Engineering. In his college life after watching DDLJ he had a secret crush on Kajol! After four years, when he got the graduate degree certificate!

Destiny showed him a path for which he was born
He chose acting!
Went to Roshan Ranja School of Actions in Mumbai,where he overcame 'shyness'.

Later he fought, work hard, faced many insults but he didn't leave his hope he had a clear vision!
He was born to act and in 1997 he proved himself!!
And rest is history!!
Whatever happens in our life we think everything is happening bad but God will be preparing a good path and destination for us. And Sanjeev is the best example of that!

Yaa I forgot to say the full name of our hero
His name is Sudeep Sanjeev, better-known a mononymously as

Kichcha Sudeep.