Richie Rich Of Bollywood - Here are the top 10 popular stars that you will be stunned to know their remuneration per film.

10.Ranveer Singh (15crore)

The future superstar. With his unmatched charm and dedication and hits like “Bajirao Mastaani”, “Ram leela”, he stands at no 10. He is also the youngest actor on this list.

9.Saif Ali Khan (15 crores)

Despite having more flops than hits “Chote Nawab” stands at 9th position. The underrated superstar

8.Amitabh Bachchan(20 crores)

“The angry young man”.He is one of the finest actor Bollywood has got. His charm has not faded with the age.

7.Ajay Devgan (30 crores)

He is the most successful superstar. He has got multiple 100 crore movie in his bag. He also has won national awards twice.

6.Ranbir Kapoor(35 crores)

Despite recent flops, with his chocolate-boy looks and versatility, he has made to the big league. With successful movies like “The Jawani He Dewaani”, “Barfi” he stands at 6 the position.

5.Shahrukh Khan(40 crores)

With a net worth of $600millions, He is truly the “King Khan".He represents Bollywood industry across the world. People know India as “Shahrukh khan country”

4.Hrithik Roshan(45 crores)

“The Greek God”, He got stardom with his very first movie “Kaho Na…..Pyaar he”.With back to back successful movies, he became the top earner of Bollywood

3.Aksay Kumar(45–50 crore)

When it comes to big money, he is on the top. He is the highest tax payer among Bollywood actors and paid 18 crores last calendar year. He has fixed charges per movie. With 3–4 movie per year and this heavy charge he earns more than any Khan's (considering only from movies)

2.Aamir Khan(50 crores)

“Mr.perfectionist”.He has multiple “All time blockbusters” under his belt. He is the founder of 100 crore club(Ghajini),200 crore club(3 Idiots).500 crore club(Dhoom 3) and soon to be 2000 crore club(Dangal).Some reports say he demands 70 percent profit for “Thugs of Hindostan"

1.Salman Khan(60 crores)

He is known For his muscular physique and charm looks which makes him fit for both action and romance. His every movie creates berserk among his fans and takes the box office by storm.