Every one of you must have been familiar with the different colors of collars that indicate a job sector like white, pink, green, blue and many more. But how many of you know about ‘yellow collar jobs’? Not many? Allow me to tell you. As the book ‘I love Mondays’ by Mala Mary Martina suggests, yellow colored jobs are the jobs your heart and your passion drives you to do.

These are the jobs that are usually not encouraged by the stereotypical orthodox Indian parents, but you would have your heart and soul is stuck to this job. The jobs vary from photographer to tattoo artist. We all have such passions but usually wouldn’t take them up as we are constantly bombarded with questions like, ‘is this career secure?’, ‘will it pay me well?’, ‘would have a luxurious future?’ But have you ever thought of ‘will I be happy?’, ‘will I be satisfied with what I am doing?’, ‘will I anticipate and wait for Mondays to get back to work?’ The answer to these questions is given by the study that Forbes conducted.

According to Forbes, 81% of the world population hates jobs today. Which means only 19% of them have made the right career choices. In India, 75% of the youth studying for engineering or doctor aren't there because of they want to, it's because they have to. Due to a lot of people opting for the same course and graduating in it, it is becoming very difficult to give jobs to all the students who have passed. Making unemployment a huge issue. Unemployment is everywhere regardless of country and continent, in foreign places it could be due to globalisation and in India it is mainly due to large number of students graduating the same course at the same time. According to 2014 statistics in India, it concludes that most of the educated youth have graduated from computer science stream of engineering from various colleges.

Struggling is a common feature in every job you choose, but if it is in the job you like, it would no longer be a ‘struggle’. Yellow collar artists aren’t driven by the money factor but are driven by the factor of what they feel when they do a job they like.
‘Yellow-collared jobs’ as coined by Mala Mary Martin in her book is named with the collar yellow because doing the job you love would let you avoid the Monday blues and instead turn them yellow by pursuing your own passion.



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well said! Every one have passion to explore but only few have endurance to pursue passion . Its well written evidence based conclusion. keep up good work.
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Great article !!!! Check out mine too