The Importance Of Extracurricular Activities In The Resume

Sparsh Mathur
Oct 06, 2019   •  16 views

You already know that your resume defines your passion towards acquiring the job. When you sit in front of the interviewer they judge you on behalf of your resume.

Interviewers indeed read your resume only for 10-15 seconds but, its enough to judge you or understand you.


Interviewers focus on two things:

1- Qualification: To check your compatibility for the job.

2- Curricular Activities: To know your skillset.

Now, you need to know that curricular activities are just not only about knowing skillset, but it's about understanding the personality as well as the capability of the candidate.

How this section plays an important role in your resume?

1- It makes your resume look unique.

2- To match your skillset with the key skills needed in the job profile.

3- To ask impromptu questions based on this section.


Uniqueness: If you want to showcase self as the perfect candidate for the job and want to satisfy the needs of interviewers then you need to be unique. Your educational qualifications can only help you to enter in that room but how you illustrate self makes you land the job.


Focus: First clarify what is your dream job, write it down on a paper and then prepare a requirement list of the things that you need to get that job.

Secondly, focus on the things that you need to land the job, make a hierarchy of the skills that will help you to get that job.

Now, take step by step procedure and accomplish all the skills and maintain that skillset.

You need to focus on skill development if you want to make yourself unique then other's and it is only possible if you take actions and do hard work.

Now the question is where you can know about the skills needed for the job you're going to apply for?

The answer is simple, download LinkedIn or Indeed any professional software application, go through the search bar and search for the same job.

Once you get the results, tap on any of the listings and go through the key skills section and here you will get to know all about them.

Once you know the key skills write them down and follow the procedure that I mentioned above.


The curricular activity section is used to mention the skillset you attain and helps interviewers to understand the qualities of the candidate.

You can not only count down your skills but can also mention the achievements and appreciation you attain the same field.

The more your skillset matches with the key skills of the job profile, the more you get the chance of getting selected.


So yeah that's it hope you understand the importance of the section in your resume.

In case of any doubt, drop down your questions in the comments.


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Best of luck.