It's The Little Things That Matter

Mousumi Nandi
Jul 07, 2019   •  8 views

Quite often we often take the little things for granted in our hurry to achieve the big things. In the hustle to achieve something big, we tend to take these little things for granted. We have our eyes on the future constantly, planning and over-planning almost every single minute of every single day as to make the future secure for ourselves and our families. Loans are taken to buy the overly expensive and valuable assets, then interests and taxes are paid for said loans, then from the money attained by investments more investments are made and it goes on and on till you begin growing a white beard and grey hairs like the man of wisdom you absolutely are not.

“Why?”, you may ask.

Because if you spent your life trying to gather the money to make your life better in general or rather comfortable in particular, there won't Be any life left to actually benefit from the comfort you invested for. You spent the first about 25 years trying to learn the sciences and technologies (with absolutely no offence to our dear art students) and then you spent the next 20 years trying to grow your business or get to a higher or dignified position in the company you worked for, then midlife crisis hit you bang in the face and the last working ten years of your life you spent in taking care of whatever investments you made.

And in the midst of all this pre-planning and management (which practically is nothing more than mismanagement), you lost sight of where your kids turned into adults and when they became the version of you twenty years ago, ready as ever to make the same perpetual mistake that you did and make sure their kids did the same.


Look around yourself.

Look within yourself.

Life is too short to lose in your monotonous not-paying-off-well nine-to-five job. Try to live in the present. Because in all this rush for the future you are losing control of the present, and when you will be in your seventies or eighties and sitting on a reclining chair with overshadowed eyes filled with glimpses of the past, all you will be able to recall doing is being the emotionless robot and acting as a puppet yourself to the directions of that boss you don’t even want to remember working under.

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So Take the time and moment to appreciate the beautiful life that you have been gifted with. Let the child in you come out and stay alive for a while. Don’t let it die because life so expertly did. Go give a call to that cousin you haven’t talked to in months because you lost contact with them after that relative’s marriage. Simply, just do one nice thing for someone every day. If not every day, at least as frequently as you possibly could manage.