Osteoporosis – know more about it.

Osteoporosis is a disease which generally occurs at later years of life mainly in women. It’s a disease that makes the bone slowly weak and thin as bone loses its original density and shape. It mainly appears when the loss of old bone cannot be compensated by new bone formation.

Area of the body getting affected-

It mainly affects the body part near the hips, wrist, spine and knee.

Symptoms that may be warning signs to be alert-

There are no symptoms like a checklist to find out whether the disease is present or not but still we have some warning signs such as-

• Loss of original body structure and height

• Stooped posture

• Pain in bone

• Back pains or pain in the area near the spinal cord

• The fracturing of bones frequently or easily

When should we visit a doctor-

One should visit a doctor when we feel one or more symptoms frequently. Also, women nearing menopause should be alert regarding these vital signs. If any elderly suffer from hip fractures.

Now let’s see what causes osteoporosis-

1. Bones renewal is a constant process in which old bones are dissolved and new bones are formed as a process. If this process is not happening it causes the osteoporosis.

2. As we age bone mass is reduced and the bone formation process slows down so ageing is another cause for osteoporosis.

3. Peak bone mass can be affected due to genes.

4. Family history of disease puts one at a greater risk to be affected by it.

5. Body frame size and structure- if someone has a small body structure then the bone mass is relatively less hence chances of disease increase.

Osteoporosis in the world is generally found more in Asian and white origin people.

How to prevent it through diet-

• Increase protein intake in food

• Have calcium-rich food

• Have green leafy vegetables

• Have cereals and fruits rich in fibre and iron

• Have vitamin D as it helps to improve bone health and absorb calcium faster.

Also, exercise daily to increase flexibility and muscle mass to help the body remain in shape.

Using stairs act as a great exercise for legs and its flexibility.

It’s not a disease which will affect you in a day but it’s a slow process enemy which can be prevented with a few adherence to diet and history of the family for the disease.