She stands right there, the outline of her body shone by the receding light of the dusk.

Her tangled black hair move away from her, like the distancing negativity & her eyes look upon the sun

                               Both literally and figuratively.

Her little blue dress complements the changing color of the skies and heedlessly follow the direction of the hair, revealing her thighs just enough to pause one in excitement.

With a few hesitant steps, I move close enough to smell her hair falling on my face & clutch her waist.

In a flash, my lips fall on the side of her neck & she turns around with her hands around my neck.

I see the most beautiful pair of lips on her face as I wonder if it’s her rapturous smile that makes them so

The evanescent light of the dusk shines on her captivating lower lips that’s an ideal distance ahead of upper & I NIBBLE on it

and move an inch away, only to bend closer even faster and I suck them out.

I slide my lips perfectly between her & kiss them hard, pricking the lower lip out with my teeth as

                                  I SMILE

My hands slide over her lower waist & she kisses harder as they move over her hips, pressing against gently.

Our lips part against the sun setting below the sea but the passion find it’s way for me to kiss her neck slowly down to her collarbone and she stretches my hands to lie down on the cold sand & pulls me over her.

My lips tickle against her shoulder as I slide her dress off them and pull them down to kiss along the edge of her brassiere & fall into her cleavage, I bite it and lick it to tease her as she pulls my head into it

                                                  Moaning a little.