Little Women Have Enormous Things To Offer...

Millena John
Jun 13, 2020   •  29 views

Greta Gerwig’s Little women is a 2019 American period drama film and is the adaptation of the 1868 novel (little women) by Louisa May Alcott. The story showcases scenarios post civil war and revolves around the lives of four sisters.


Little women is the seventh adaptation of the novel, and has effortlessly made its mark yet again. In a period drama, there may be certain elements, which makes it difficult for the viewer(s) to relate to or comprehend. But little women conveys about aspects of life which affects most of the world even to this day. 


In the 21st century there are taboos associated to what women should and should not do. Having said that, there has been an increase in movies revolving around women freedom, their struggles and successes. However somewhere down the line emphasis of this concept ends up being overwhelming due to over glorification. 


But Saoroise ronan  has performed outstandingly well keeping in mind the boundaries of her character ( Jo march) and the society she is exposed to, this has aided her in delivering a performance which is worthy of many accolades.

Little women portrays each of its characters in a way which is relevant to reality. The film abstained from conveying singular concepts on how to make choices and lead a life. The characters go through their emotions humanely. They are shown to reform into the best version of themselves by eliminating the need to alter their personalities to suit societal standards.

Set in the late 19thcentury the film retains its essence through authentic attires by Oscar award winner Jacquelin Durran. Little women emphasises its realism through naturalistic sets for locations pertaining to the period. The Pandemonium which may have occurred due to little women’s non-linear narrative was thoroughly side lined with the presence of Nick huoy’sediting prowess.

Stereotypes related to emotions are captured in a subtle yet potent demeanour. The actors have refrained from exhibiting hammy facets.

Little women is not gender biased as the title might suggest for a few. It has apportioned adequate space for the male characters and they add significance to the film. This in itself makes watching this showpiece realistic as well as appealing.

Rating – 3.5/5