Little Women Have Enormous Things To Offer...

Millena John
Jun 13, 2020   •  11 views

Greta Gerwig’s Little women is a 2019 American period drama film and is the adaptation of the 1868 novel (little women) by Louisa May Alcott. The story showcases scenarios post civil war and revolves around the lives of four sisters.


Little women is the seventh adaptation of the novel, and has effortlessly made its mark yet again. When it comes to a period drama, there may be certain elements, which makes it difficult for the viewer(s) to relate to or comprehend. But little women conveys about such aspects of life which affects most of the world even to this day. Being in the 21st century there are still taboos associated to what women should and should not do. Having said that, there has been an increase in movies revolving around women freedom, their struggles and successes. but somewhere down the line emphasis of this concept ends up being overwhelming due to unnecessary glorification of the characters.

Little women portrays each of its characters in a way which is relevant to reality. It also makes sure to not convey anything singular on how to make choices and lead a life. The characters go through their emotions, in the most human way possible. They are not positioned as perfect and all knowing individuals. They grow but never alter their personalities to suit societal standards.

Apart from dealing with taboos associated to women it has also made space to convey the stereotypes associated to emotions. It refrains from oversimplification and does not convey anything which is dramatic or different from reality.

Little women isn’t gender biased as the title might suggest for a few. It has made sufficient space for the male characters and they add relevance and meaning to the film. This in itself makes watching little women realistic as well as appealing.