Can we imagine the world without color?

Ok, so what it would look like then, millions of hues of just black and white pixels like that of an old black and white TV. Or, just like night, nothing visible, except some curbs of shadows in between. Such fallacy is farcical and unimaginable.

But to continue, about the color, Color is a noun which is name of a sensation, ascertained only in the presence of light and due to which we perceive different things filled with different colors which are as ebullient as they make us, or some can be enough nasty in combination not to be liked.

Everybody perceive every color with a difference that too undergo a distinct type of cascade reactions in the brain, this being the core reason behind the choices; why some color is favorite for somebody while the same being obnoxious for other.

Innumerable are the colors with myriads of the hues, that too with millions of shades of each and even mixed to form the conglomerate tints further increasing the length of the list of the glories about the different shades.

Color can also be described in another way as the character.A particular color may be one’s favorite, and can be used to know more about one’s nature and personality. For instance, a blue personality is of those loving peace and serenity similarly a red personality depicts rage and anger and many others are such sheer connections which also have a direct correlation with the mental, physical and emotional status of that person.

Colors also have taboo stacked to them.Civilizations and traditions have discerned the presence of color as an essentiality and associated it with occasions like of mourning and happiness. Colors to be worn on the wedding should be white in Christians and red in the Hindus while at the demise colors should be black according to former one and white for the latter one. Many other such traditional combinations are also served in palette in elusive forms that we may not even discern or can occasionally.

Colors are also the only, which are victim of discrimination. In fact, the prelude of the discrimination is the color only. People who were discriminated as slaves, lower castes, untouchables or any other forms were all primarily based on the color. Besides that it could not be denied that some things are favored while others are not just because of their color that too inexoriably.

I would also elicit the fact and ponder upon the nobrainer that the most of the things that are basic necessity and important for continuity of life are all colorless, be it the air, be it water or be it the soul.