Famous Breeds Of Dogs In India

Medha Singh
Jun 08, 2019   •  6 views

Breeds of dogs are chosen by their owners either because of their adorable looks or as per their needs like if they want them as watch dogs or as a playing companion.

Out of the long list of breeds of dogs available in accordance to climate of India, most popular of them opted by Indians are here.


Labrador Retriever, comes in three colors: chocolate, black and yellow, is an utterly friendly companion dog breed. These are quiet affectionate and one of the most popular breed. It is as much hard working as its ancestors who were once used by fishermen to retrieve fishes. Now, they are used for varieties of jobs besides being used as assistance dog, search dog, rescue dog.They love to eat and easily tend to get obese when overfed and not exercised regularly.

German shepherd

Medium to large sized and one of the most preferred breed of dog in India. Originally bred to guide and herd flocks, are quite active and intelligent. They must be kept busy learning, playing, and working. They don’t like to be left alone and can express their aggression in loathing ways and can also suffer separation anxiety. These are ebullient breed although less aggressive but still equally excellent watchdogs.


Pug have a comical face and initially bred as a lap dog. Originally belonging to china, has now been the most popular breed and famous as Vodafone’s pug dog. Now-a-days, this brachycephalic breed is popular because of its small size, gentle and sociable behavior. Its fine glossy coat can be ascertained in various colours like fawn or black. Major drawback is that these are prone to eye injuries, breathing difficulties and obesity. Also, it is unable to regulate its body temperature.


This is popular and most common breed as they are intelligent dignified small sized family dogs although sometimes mistaken as Pomeranian. It has ultra thick all white coat which grow thicker in winters and shed vigorously in summers. They are smart, social, mischievous dogs and do not like to be left alone. Besides being a gorgeous breed they can also be talkative but training this breed is equally challenging.

Saint Bernard

This is a giant large muscular dog breed besides being gentle and good natured. They are not aggressive and quite easy going with children. They do not need much exercise and are not good jogging companions especially in hot weather in which they can shrink. They are prone to geriatric disease and have comparatively shorter life span.


Small sized breed, this scent hound with floppy ears had originated in Great Britain, they have great sense of smell and therefore mostly employed as detection dog. It has also been depicted many times in movies and comics and is popular among dog lovers because of its small size, cooler temper and lesser inherited problems.