What can be more fascinating than finding a magic lamp just like Aladdin and a genie emerges out from it in front of you from nowhere and requesting you to make a wish, condition is that you can make only one wish. Now, this seems to be more daedal than enchanting, how to be complacent with just one wish? Out of this turmoil what can be your weirdest wish? Ok the list would vary as per the dire need of an individual.

“Make me the wealthiest person in the world.”
“Make me prime minister.”
“Make me the top actress.”
Or to live in the land of Narnia where animals do speak, or just like Aladdin wishing to marry Jasmine. And list is never ending. Is it possible to make a single wish without the tint of egoism? The fact that all human deeds are cynical is indubious. So, how can I be different, a wish that I settled for after thorough reckoning in gamut ideas sounds absolutely fanatic, albeit there is a curb of cynicism, it is

solely altruistic.
"Absolute shades over all the roads, roads lurking under the maple and rustling of winds over them.”

However frenetic it may sound but it is solemnly dire and prudent, and ultimate panacea for the vagaries of the nature that we are encountering at present. Over and above being optimistic it is diligently pragmatic theme. Life is not a fairy tale and no genie is abou to come to vanish our miseries, but we ourselves have to be our genie and take afoot ahead.

There is no need to enunciate how beneficial it can be for the mankind and for the welfare of all.
Who would refuse cool shade in the sweltering hot temperature? When rising temperature is setting new records and still continues to fluctuate every day. There are myriads of benefits of planting trees, paramount is staving off the global warming, status quo, further withholding other pervading demons like green house effect, pollution and many others in a corollary. Undoubtedly trees are the only thing on this planet which can convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, sole factor for sustainability, and along with it, they reform the scrap carbon dioxide to esculent fruits.

Besides all this, flora and fauna burgeoning in their endemic places and natural habitats can also be an effective way to control the diabolic of biodiversity loss. In this era when health consciousness is the vogue, an urge to ride bicycle and do health runs will turn out to be icing on cake, as it will significantly reduce the number of vehicle on road, alternatively reducing the emission.

This no brainer is worth propagating as an appropriate candidate solution for contagious protests and rallies against climate change, reforestation and planting as many trees as one can is neither uncanny nor the holy grail.