You pour your heart and soul into a video and upload it on Youtube, filled with hope that this is the one, only to see that the same handful of people have tuned in. It’s a pretty devastating feeling and if you do not plan and strategize, your Youtube Channel will remain stagnant and underutilized keeping this fact in mind that Youtube has roughly 22 billion monthly visits. These visitors contribute to an average watch time of 1 billion hours every day!You can also become a part of these 1 billion hours and I hope my article helps you in getting your views and subscribers numbers up!

  • Create Quality content for your viewers

Creating content is the first step to getting views on Youtube but make sure your content is such that people actually want to watch it. Make sure your language is relatable and appealing to your audience. Don’t use too many technical terms. If you are starring in that video or even directing it, make sure to prepare and practice your script so that the real video goes off without a hitch. Also, make sure to edit your videos properly to add lines or delete lines that you think do not find into the overall video.

  • Create custom thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first thing a potential viewer glances upon. Sometimes they do not even look at the title of the video. If it's not engaging or intriguing or nice to look at, people will probably move on. Again, competition is fierce out there. You have to place your best image forward once it involves thumbnails. YouTube can provide auto-generated pictures for you to use. Don't fall prey to the ease of that. Your custom thumbnail ought to be a top quality image with an easy-to-read font or symbols. Facial close-ups also seem to work best, if applicable. Make sure your thumbnail matches your video title and description! And don't forget to use keywords in your file name.

  • Optimize your video title

Youtube is also like a search engine so the role of SEO also plays a very key role here. Make sure that your video title is between 60-70 characters long. Use keywords to help your videos rank in search results and you also need your video titles and descriptions to appeal to the viewers. You can also download an application called TUBEBUDDY which is available for free on the play store or you can install it on your chrome/Firefox browser. TUBEBUDDY is an amazing software for new YouTubers with features like Tag explorer, A/B title testing, working out which time is the best for publishing your video, competitor scorecards and many more. It’s packed with features that will surely help you manage and grow your Youtube account.

  • Promote your videos outside Youtube

Approach bloggers who write articles similar to the concepts of your YouTube videos and ask them to embed your video within their blog post. This will generate more views on your video and improve your rankings.

I hope these four tips help in increasing traffic to your Youtube videos.



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Excellent write up ❤❤
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This is very helpful :)