Book Review - Peace Has Come By Parismita Singh

Mayurika Tat
Jul 22, 2019   •  63 views

Author : Parismita Singh

MRP: 499

Pages: 280

Publisher: Context


Cover: 5/5

Title: 5/5

Theme: 5/5

Character: 4/5

Story: 4/5

Plot Spoiler

This is the first book I have read of this author. I can genuinely say I am pleased. The quality of the work that the book involves is simply mind blowing. There are eight stories and are set in Assam. The stories are told from the perspective of people belonging to different communities - Bodo, Santhal, Rabha, Muslim, Nepali. It is set in the time when Assam was in turmoil due to political issues, collonization, oppression. In short I can say these are not simple accounts of individual lives upended or damaged by strife, but multiple perspectives strung together.

The rest of the story I will keep for the reader. I honestly found this book very hard to grasp but when you read, you realize how helpless they are and how helpless we are as well.This is a human life and we have to accept the reality.


It is an excellent book and every chapter makes you intensely interesting.So, quickly, pick up a copy of the book and start reading. I will definitely recommend to those who want to make reading their habit because short stories are the best way to start.