We often hear people say, "Leave your past behind because carrying them, now, will weigh down your future".

How true is this sentence?

How many of us leave our past behind?


What is this past made up of?

I see 'past' as a bunch of memories tied to the neurons of our brain.

Memories: It is a mix of people, place and an event harmonized with emotions.

Most of the times, memories are glued to our heart because people fade away, the

place gets destroyed and without the same people and place, neither the same

event takes place nor the same emotion felt. Some memories are created by us and some

happen to us at the most unexpected moment. Every memory has a potential to

make us happy and cry at the same time.

I believe that it is okay to carry memories with us because sometimes our present

is worth living in the past, with people who have turned into air and places we

no longer want to visit without them.

For some of us who love to live in a world within our head, memories serve the

purpose of oxygen. They accompany us when we feel lonely and make us smile for

no outward reason.

However the truth is that, "Memory is no friend to us. It only tells us what we no

longer have" -Margaret Atwood