Introduction to Sherlock Holmes

Story and Adaptation

Sherlock Holmes is a British crime series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Detective Book series. Sherlock Holmes is a “consulting detective”, a highly qualified and an intellectual one. Dr Watson, former army doctor shares the flat 221B Baker Street with Holmes. They both roam around London solving crimes, quite unusual and twisted ones.


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  1. Sherlock Holmes- Main protagonist, the eccentric and extraordinary consulting detective.

  2. Dr Watson- Former army doctor, Partner of Holmes, Blogger

  3. Mrs. Hudson- Landlady of the flat, Amongst the very few people Sherlock trusts and care about

  4. Greg Lestrade- Metropolitan Police Service Detective Inspector. One of Holmes’s inner circle of people.

  5. Moriarty- Main Antagonist, alter ego of Sherlock, criminal mastermind

About the Author

Biography, Time Period and Inspiration

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (22 May 1859 – 7 July 1930) is a British writer. His contributions are the most important in the genre of crime fiction and detective fiction. His other works include fantasy and science fiction about Professor Challenger, etc. Edgar Allan Poe was one of his inspirations. He considered Poe as the ‘father of detective fiction’. The character of Holmes is also inspired from Poe’s character of Dupin.


1.Knight Bachelor (1902)

2.Knight of Grace of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem (1903)

3. Queen's South Africa Medal (1901)

4.Knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy (1895)

5.Order of the Medjidie – 2nd Class (Ottoman Empire) (1907)


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Detective Fiction

Detective genre employs fiction not to evade reality but to express a deeper and a more complex view of reality. All of that literature is directed more towards offering metaphors of reality through which the author wishes to transcend the superficial or pedestrian observations of realism than to escape to gratuitous ground. It follows that not just any irresponsible fiction survives; it follows that fantastic literature or detective literature should require more lucidity and rigor. A more authentic demand on the style than a mere copy of everyday reality.

About the Series

Cast and Production Details

The series created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, consisting of four seasons with total of thirteen episodes. The series aired from 2010-2017 on BBC, with the per episode running time be 85-90 minutes.



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Several Themes

Cunning and Cleverness

Holmes cunning and clever mind is admired by everyone including Watson. Watson in his blogs usually writes about the Eccentric and outstanding talent of Holmes and his is unusual cleverness of his brain. He is consulted not only by the Police but by secret government associations as well. The character of Holmes is made to possess such capacity of sharpness and smartness to make him standout mad do justice to the character of an extraordinary detective.

The Observation of the Obvious

This is one of the remarkable qualities which Holmes possess. The ability to see the ordinary and obvious. This reflects on the fact that not only the cleverness of eyes but even the sharpness of eyes is necessary to crack the impossible. Watson is also the person which helps Holmes in identifying the obvious which, most people seem to ignore.


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In the words of Holmes itself, he is a “high functioning sociopath”. By definition, a Sociopath is a person having an ‘antisocial personality disorder’. They are often seen as breaking rules and making impulsive decisions. Holmes uses these qualities in a smart manner to his advantage. He works brilliantly under pressure using his skill of deductive reasoning.

Personal Opinions and Reviews

Obviously, we have heard about the great Sherlock Holmes and his unusual cleverness in our childhood. But I was never interested in seeing the series adaptation of the same until, one of my professors strongly suggested and urged us to see this. I was in awe of the portrayal of the character of Holmes by Benedict Cumberbatch. The episodes transfer you to the world of mysteries and unsolved crime cases. I loved the series as whole and all the twist and turns it had. The other characters too played their parts well, but Cumberbatch for me became the image of ‘Sherlock Holmes’. The development in the friendship of Watson and Holmes is well represented and makes them one of the best duos of friends. The antagonist ‘Moriarty’ too seems to indulge in the character well and the cat-mouse race is a thrilling one to see. The hilarious and witty one liners of Holmes add to the charm of the series. I would suggest everyone to watch this series. The series is rated 9.1/10 on imdb and has received massive appreciation from the audience as well as the critics.

More Insight

The Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is written in a series of books and short stories.


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There is also a film adaptation of the same starring Robert Downey Jr. One was released in 2009 whereas ‘A Game of Shadows’ was released in 2011. The third part is set to release in 2021. The films too are a success in the audience as well as the critics.

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