Most of the students in Pre-intermediate and Intermediate level face tremendous obstacles in enhancing their vocabulary of second language. In India this second language is none other then 'English', which is also 'Lingua Franca'.

Students /learners generally encounter these problems because they are not aware of the ways of enhancing vocabulary. In various studies it is discovered that, a non-native learner at least need 7-8 exposure of any word in order to understand it.

Here are the examples of few exposures:

1. Dictionary, Thesaurus, Synonyms, Antonyms:
They are the most traditional and boring methods of learning any word, yet these methods are authentic too.

2. Dialogues :
Use the new word in creating dialogues and attach a contextual meaning to it. For example: There is word 'Axiomatic' which means 'Very obvious'. You may weave around a conversation with your friend about the things which are very obvious, like 'the divide and rule policy' on the basis of religion is an axiomatic strategy of government.

3. Creating Images and attaching feelings: Any difficult or long word can be retained, if that word is attached to a mental picture. For example: The word 'mundane' means dull and ordinary, one may attach that word to his picture in a very boring lecture.

4. Make fun of words:
Yes, humans have this weird tendency of remembering funny conversations. You can select any word and make meme of that word, this will push yourbrain to remember that word.

5. Follow Shashi Tharoor :
Jokes apart, his tweets will actually assist you in learning of new words and the political context will help you in understanding the notion.

6. Use that word in different Grammatical Forms in sentences:
For instance; Morphology, Morphological, morphologically are different classes of the same root word.

You can select a word from dictionary with all the classes and use that word in Tiny Tales which are creative and close to your heart.

7. Read books:
Some people might find reading boring, but it is actually very affective way of increasing vocabulary.

At last, I want to say, you need to strive to achieve any goal. Every goal demands consistency, although the above methods are very effective but only when you are punctual.

Please comment to add on my list and feel free to criticise.