Look How These Railway Journeys Are A Trip In Itself

Mansi Rohilla
Jun 04, 2019   •  28 views

These railway routes are a complete journey among themselves just like any trekking plan or visiting any particular beach. They got their own say with the railway routes for passengers just like me and you. If it feels exciting let's stick and explore :

Dudhsagar falls
Railway route connecting : Hubli to Mudgaon
Dudhsagar falls is located at Goa-Karnataka border and descends from high altitude of Western Ghats in four steps. Also, this falls remains the fourth tallest waterfall in India with an altitude of 1017feet.

(Picture source: tripraja.com)

The falls just looks mesmirising when you see it gushing from 300 meters above. When I crossed it travelling from train route everyone just rushed to the left of their train seats since the view was only accessible at that direction and a sudden jerk of whooping filled the train cabin. Just so leaving everyone at 'why won't the train just stops here?' But the railway authorities doesn't allow anyone to step down at that point considering passengers safety.

Best time to visit: If you like the falls fluff and wide then it is during monsoon else the falls looks like a white thread coming down and only at the peak it would seem wider.

Rameshwaram sea bridge rail route

Connecting Rameshwaram Pamban Island to Mainland, Tamil nadu
These railway routes are well established on the Pak Strait connecting the above mentioned places. This bridge when constructed in 1914 bagged the longest and first sea Bridge in India until only after Bandra-Worli sea Linkin formed up in 2010. The bridge rests on concrete piers and got a double leaf bascule section midway which when a ship barges through, gets raised.

(Picture source: OrangeSmile.com)

Just beside the rail bridge is a road bridge by the name Indira Gandhi Road Bridge which is about two kilometers long. I visited this road bridge when I was a kid and the beauty before my eyes was that remarkable I can form up that view even right now. It was a horizon with many small ships and boats waving here and there in the ocean. Some form of big, white bird, paving its way through clear blue sky. And on the top of such view were heavy, ear bumming winds that gushed by, enough to swing my skirts in any direction and enough to carry my handkerchief with itself. So you gotta keep your clothes even any possession right tight at the grip because winds here are as strong and just carries things up! Even you won't hear what other person standing two feet apart from you is saying, I got to literally speak into the ear of whoever I wanted to talk.

Here were just a tidbits of the routes I had visited. India is full of such exciting railway routes making you brimming to make another trip for itself.