There are no second thoughts about the fact that we have all heard about the oldest and the largest of the pyramids in El Giza, Egypt. It withstood the test of time to last as the only one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, against human invasions and natural calamities. For it to stand tall and strong for millenniums together, no wonder it is a definitive package of surprises. Here, let me treat you to a few.


Although there have been suggestions claiming that the ancient Egyptians must have had some involvement with non-humans for them to be able to pull off a structure as great as Giza. What leaves the architects in a seamless sea of wonder is the interior passages, huge chambers, the intricate Osiris shaft, perfect alignment of cardinal points and the overall geometry of the building. However long the list of hypotheses is, the mystery stays.


The technology used in the process of construction leaves present-day researchers speechless. the ramps that they had to use to bring tons of stones up to those heights, in spite of scarce wood available in Egypt, in the middle of a desert nonetheless in itself is a puzzle. Then again, the angles the work took with increase in height would definitely have required a form of mechanical equipment. The only possible theory is that they would have had to build a ramp for around one-mile length that would tantamount to the effort put into building the pyramid itself.


Though the pyramids were usually built as the tombs of the pharaohs, it we can’t help but wonder if it would have any different purpose. Using about 2.3 million blocks to build the grand structure, most of them weighing in tons, couldn’t have just been for the kings to travel to their after lives in peace.

The four faces of Giza align perfectly with east, west, north and south which arises a prospect that it could have been used as a sky observatory. There are mysterious passage ways in the Giza, which could possibly be observatory positions they adopted during different seasons to study astronomy. It is no wonder, of course, the ancient Egyptians were experts in astronomy as well.

No matter the efforts, research or theories, the great monument manages to surprise us yet again with all of its yet to decipher mysteries. Giza of Khufu is indeed a miracle!