How many of you know the poem “ twinkle twinkle little star” . I know you will make an different expression on our faces thinking that “ this is stupid question” , sorry for that trying to be more interactive. It was written by Jane Taylor and Ann Taylor.

Have you ever wonder the reason for the and the science behind them .We have a basic knowledge from our secondary schooling that its the gases that are burning to give the spark. Not going deeper its all the duty of Astrophysicist.

Using all sort of telescopes, they observe celestial bodies to understand how the universe came into being and what the future has in store. Astrophysics is a branch of astronomy that is concerned with the formation, evolution and future of stars, planets and black holes, it is a part of the science of the astronomy ,which covers any scientific explorations of space beyond our atmosphere.

As an astrophysicist,you may work scientists working on everything from the Mars rovers to the big bang, from supernova explosions to life on other planets. who knows ,you may even get to discover new galaxies that else knew about! . The one who can opt astrophysics as career should following skills

  • Love for celestial wonders

  • scientific temperature

  • Ability to sit down and look at large amounts information and pick out useful patterns.

Lets know discuss what do study,

Most institutes in India offer astrophysics only at a post-graduate level.You need Bachelors degree in Physics, Maths or B.E / B. Tech to qualify for a Joint Entrance Screening Test to pursue a PhD in Astrophysics. M.Sc Space Science : University of Pune. Certificates courses in Astrophysics: St Joseph and Birla Institute of Fundamental Research, Bengaluru and many others institutions offer this course surf if further interested. There are even many opportunities in this field like Radio astronomy, Astrochemistry, Astrobiology, Optical astronomy, Science communication. Freshers work as a research scientist at Indian Institute of Astronomers (IIA), Bengaluru and other astronomical institutions.

Life of an astrophysicist

Astrophysicist Phil Evans , the following are the lines said by him

People will be asking me about black hole ,giant planets and some other theories .After having bit conversation for a while many people say that you are quite clever,my job sounds exciting for them and it is exciting but it is not always immediately easy to emphasize. You know i’m looking at light from halfway across the universe rather than, i’m looking at this interesting through the only window on my computer that’s got some dots in it that mean a lot to me,but not to many other people.

I get a look at stuff from the other end of the universe you cannot get much cooler than that and it almost combines your hobby with job as well. I enjoy every minute of my job, there always new things happening because these things they go and all the completely unpredictable it such a dynamic field to be in.”

Finally at the end of this article, i hope you learned something and this is helpful thanks for reading till the end, keep smiling.