Arrangements, Hurdles And Eternal Bliss

Mahima Iyer
Oct 15, 2019   •  10 views

Imagine how you would feel planning your parents’ wedding! I know, most of you might be wondering whether that could really happen. I was introduced to the concept of ‘Shastipoorthi’ by my parents. It is a renewal of marital vows where in all the promises are renewed . The couple goes through the rituals of a marriage all over again. When our parents told us this, oh boy, the excitement my sister and I felt knows no boundaries.

We started with designing the invitation and sending it to our friends and family. Our parent’s would deny this but they actually blushed after watching it. We then reserved dates and slots at the temple. We arranged rooms for our guests and a bus to travel to the temple from Chennai (275kms away). This was the first time we were planning something as big as this in our family and there were a millions things running in our head to make this event a success.

We started our journey from Chennai. There were tons of last minute problems with food and room availability, we got really tensed since these things were unexpected but somehow managed to overcome it all. It was a real marriage you know.

So finally the big day arrived. My sister and I were so emotional the entire time. Appa came at 8:00 in the morning, wearing a white veshti (traditional white garment wrapped around the waist) looking handsome as ever. Amma was dressed like an angel in a nine yards sari. My sister and I couldn’t stop praising her. She had a shine on her face that every happy bride tends to have. I watched my parents walk hand in hand, I was awestruck. I was literally looking at the most beautiful couple. Their smiling faces felt like a true blessing.

Soon it was time that the groom ties taali (A holy thread) around the bride’s neck. Everything starts flashing in front of my eyes, their silly arguments, fights, affection and love for each other, I smiled as I wiped the tear rolling down my cheek. They aren’t a perfect couple but together they managed to live gracefully through all their difficulties and struggles. It was commendable.

We took family pictures, literally freezing the the seventh heaven feeling. We concluded the event with lunch. I must say the food was tasty. Finally the event came to an end. That day is marked as the most special day of my life.
My mother and I planned a small Tamil Nadu trip right after the function so we part ways with my dad and sister who were heading back home. Throughout the trip I kept teasing my mom on how she missed out on spending the first night after marriage with her dearest hubby and got stuck on a lame trip with me. She blushed each time. Thank god for the concept of ‘Shastiapthapoorthi’, I discovered the true meaning of affection and love.