Decorate A Blank Wall With Canvas Prints, Tapestries, And Other Types Of Wall Art

Canvas Prints
Dec 06, 2019   •  11 views

Decorating a blank wall may be a fun expertise it's like painting on a blank canvas.

You can experiment with your options and choose the wall art that will look good in your room. Here are some choices on how to decorate a blank wall in your home from canvas prints to tapestries.



1. Mural - If you are decorating a child's room, a nursery or a playroom; you can decorate the walls with murals. This can take a lot of work and artistic abilities. Consider your child's taste and favorite motif. You can draw a mural of a jungle scene, a fantasy land, an African safari, or an underwater scenery with fish and sea animals.


2. Tapestries - You can decorate your living room or den with tapestries from Africa, the Middle East, Asia and other exotic places around the world. It would be more meaningful if you bought the tapestry on one of your trips abroad.


3. Cross Stitch - Cross stitch art is more ideal for traditional homes. You can find these at art stores, craft stores, or in a garage sale.

You can conjointly create your own cross sew art and have it framed and remained your wall.



4. Canvas Prints - Photos on canvas are modern wall art that go very well with new homes especially modern minimalist type homes. These are versatile choices because you can find tons of pictures on canvas in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and subject. You should be able to find suitable canvas prints for every room in your house.

5. Quilts - These are classic decorations for a wall. The beauty of quilts is in the patterns and fabric. It would be nice if you could find antique quilts to decorate your home. These, like cross stitch wall art are also more ideal for traditional designed houses.


6. Metal Wall Art - These are gaining popularity and they are suitable for traditional homes or modern minimalist houses. It really depends on the design of the metal art. Metal art can look like paintings, or can be made of small pieces of metal welded into a particular shape or deign.

7. Wood Art - Wood carvings from Indonesia or Thailand are gorgeous wall decorations. You can have them in small pieces or as a whole wall panel. They can look flat like a wooden carved canvas or be in sculpture form.


8. Paintings - Paintings on canvas are similar to canvas prints except these are not photographs like photo prints. You can find paintings in different styles from traditional, impressionist, to minimalist abstracts. You can have them small or as large as a wall. They can also come as canvas art sets in several pieces per artwork.

Before purchasing your wall art, remember the colors on your room, furnishings, wall and other decor pieces and base the color of your wall art on those. Take some measurements too, so you can get the right size that fits your wall.