Don't give up on love just yet.

Yep! I Know..

It’s difficult ………

Looking forward , and

Falling in love again ….

Once your heart has been broken….

People want to give up on everything..

B’Coz, ….Of the Endless possibilities of getting hurt …..and,

Being traumatized again as in the past relationship.

I mean, who wants to be let down AGAIN, right?

Just leave your past…

Thinking about worthless memories are vain.!

Love again..

Falling in love again is a glorious adventure ..

Despite the numerous risks that you gonna take..

Despite the numerous situations you gonna tackle with your loved ones..

Despite your misunderstandings and those strange talks at midnight…

Despite all those silly fights and Serious situations……

This one..

It can give you the boosting energy to be you..

The real You…...

In which the past failed….

Why to change yourself and be someone who you are not actually…

For someone who loved you for what you have and not for who you are…

Being in love is such a great feeling

And knowing someone cares so much about you ….

Has no comparison….. Darling ..Go..

Love again…live again..

Eternal love will energise you…encourages you.. Motivates you..

The right one will never disturbs or distracts you…

Don't give up! Your perfect match could be right around the corner.