Hello everyone

As world is dealing with a deadly virus ‘Covind 19’ ..sorry let me correct it Novel coronavirus also know Covind19 ..

we all are in lockdown , everyone is tamped down in their houses

I’m sure many of you thinking of what will you do when you’ll be out from this beastly situation .
let me tell you what I’m craving for while dealing with this lockdown ….

Once all of this will be over ,

I want to be in love with .,,

I want to feel what others feel in being with someone ..

I want to talk throughout the night ,,and when next day I meet just want to feel that special thing what world always talking about ..

I want to feel her touch ..

I want to cry in her lap..

I want to be her side whenever she needs me ..

I want to make love for her …

I want to make feel special for her …

Yes I’m craving for love ..
Yes I want to be in love …

World needs love to heal …people needs love ..
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Profile of Ankita Barman
Ankita Barman  •  2y  •  Reply
This is so me, feeling miserable and moody all the time. I feel the miss of love amid this crisis. Hopefully everything go alright in the end. .
Profile of Ankur  Gangwar
Ankur Gangwar  •  2y  •  Reply
Once this all over .. everything will be on table ,,! Keep calm stay healthy 😊