Unlikely many other religions Hinduism does not have any founder, it's scared writing beliefs and practices came from wildly different places and era, it's more of a way of life despite several attempts at force and organized conversions, Hinduism is one of the few surviving religion with a large following in South Asia, the Hindus have multiple God and goddesses with Vishnu, Brahma, Mahesh and Shakti being prominent ones.

They are paid by different names and picturized differently all over and the scriptures of Hinduism are many in numbers with the important ones being from Vedas, Gita, and Ramayana. Hinduism teaches the existence of one supreme universal script but all the followers of worshiping him in any form it believes in the doctrines of karma and live rebirth, soul within the body is believed to be immortal, it's considered Dharma/virtue, Artha or material well-being and karma on gratification of the senses has three main aims of human life.

Moksha or salvation is the ultimate aim of life according to the Hinduism, another characteristic of Hinduism is Varnashrama.

According to it, there are four varnas as per the occupation of four ashramas as per different stages of life, the religion has never been static or uniform and has adapted itself to the changing circumstances and conditions of life, different sects of Hinduism have various doctrine principles and philosophies rituals but all of them have coexisted, respecting each other. Since Hinduism's didn't have any central authority and permitted individual to think and act on their own it never developed as an organized religion like others.

This poem on the hinduism like "They're one Shiva and Shakti."

"In the circling bliss of Self,
He is Time, She Eternity.
The sources of Adi-Anant-Sesh.
The ores of energy.
They're one Shiva and Shakti.
She is His weapon,
And He is Her wisdom.
He is the ultimate Space,
She is the limitless Chaos.
They're one Shiva and Shakti.
Adorned with garlands of snakes;
Crescent crown and pious ashes,
His tresses grasp the Great Ganges fall
She is His third-eye, meditation and all.
They're one Shiva and Shakti.
Decorated with flowers;
Seated on tigers,
She can be found in thousand entities.
He is Her Purush, She Prakriti;
They're one Shiva and Shakti.
Two facets of the same coin.
Single soul—both conjoined.
He is She;
She is Him.
They're one Shiva and Shakt."



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