“Gift of love” Sounds dramatic & unrealistic right?
But in this real world we count money instead of counting our blessings in form of love . Love has such a beautiful power that can heal the people . It has power to heal the inner wounds . Love is really what you should give and earn . Its the most pure form of what life is meant to be . In life, if we have all the power , money , luxuries, and all our materialistic needs are fullfilled but does that gives meaning to life ? when you have no one else beside you to enjoy this possessions and to love you for what you are and what you have done . What is purpose of your life ? Do you think to earn money and be successful is the only purpose of life ? Its never really enough . If you give love in form of charity , support , time etc. it matters a lot to someone whom you give it . Its the little things in life that matters.

Gift of Love is to Help :
To givelovemeans so much more. To help someone is to put yourself in their shoes, to feel their suffering, their grief, their sadness as your own, and to make the person see that you're there for them. That you're going to keep them from falling, and that if they fall you're going to help pick them up.

Gift of love is to Forgive :
Forgiveness is so important. It’s probably the most difficult and truly unconditional actof love. We don’t forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness , but because we deserve peace . It is said that it is easier to forgive others than forgiving ourselves.

Gift of love is Time :

Making time for what’s important is what it takes to be happy in life . Giving time is the greatest gift you can give to someone . It may not mean to you anything but it means everything to someone. Giving time to someone is giving them a part in your life . Some people have a mindset that first I’ll earn , be successful and then make time for loved ones and then I’ll do this or that . But “time flies and leaves its shadow behind.”

Everything has its time , emotional needs has to be fulfilled at the particular time when needed . Nothing in life can be postponed especially the emotional needs & mental needs .

Gift of love is Happiness :

We link our happiness to love because loving is happiness . But sometimes we get so involved in search of happiness , we forget where to search it.

Helen Keller Quoted Happiness: "When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at theclosed doorthat we do not see theone which has been opened for us."

"We are never really happy until we try to brighten the lives of others”.
The greatesthappinessof life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.

Gift of love is Sacrifice :
Franis Chan said “ True love is about sacrifice for the sake of the ones you love”.
The best example is mother , child never knows what mother sacrifices for him. But that sacrifice is happily done by mother as she loves her child unconditionally .

Gift is what you give and recieve . But the kind of gift you give , you will recieve it later by tenfolds ; whether its hatred or love . Choose wisely .




First Love..



Aakanksha Kishan
Aakanksha Kishan

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Praveen Shankar

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