What more do want to be happy? Are you unhappy with what you have? At some point of time, many people must have felt that they are not so fortunate because they lack something. You look at others with envy, wishing you were also as fortunate as them. You feel that we don't really have anything. We want more and more without realizing that we are actually fortunate because we have things that many people do not have.

You might be unhappy that you don't have an expensive iPhone and instead have an affordable one. You might be unhappy with how you look. You might be unhappy that you are born into a middle class family. You constantly compare yourself and your circumstances, with people around you. When others seem better to you,you become unhappy and expect more and more. That is your greed.

You must keep in mind that the things you possess are another person's dream. There are many people who will very happy and satisfied,if they were in your position. There'sa picture that depicts this perfectly. In the picture, a man walking, looks at a man riding a bicycle and wished he had a bike. The person riding a bicycle, looks at another man riding a bike with envy. The man riding the bike is envious of the man riding a car. Another disabled man just looks at all the people outside, wishing he could just walk. That is how it is. While constantly comparing ourselves with others, we become more greedy. We fail to appreciate everything we have. You should always be grateful for everything you have. They are many who just wish that they could walk or see at least once. Even then, they positively overcome it and be happy with life.

There are people who have endured more than what we have and still be happy with their life. That is why, your outlook is very important.Look at everything with a grateful heart. You are very fortunate. You might have different aims in life. You might or might not achieve them. Don't let failure drag you down. Remember happiness is not a destination, but a journey.Be happy that you are alive today. Be happy that you are doing what you want today. It might be hard, but eventually it will pass. Don't let greed control you. Make the most out of the present.



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