If you have a good friend, with whom you can share all your secrets and can freely express yourself, I would say you have found a treasure. Such a friend becomes a part of your family. Whenever you are with that friend, you always feel free and safe. You are sure that whatever you say and do, your friend will always be by your side to support you and guide you if you are wrong. No matter how many more people you meet in the future, such a friend will never be replaced.

Without friends, our life becomes boring. Whatever you do with your friend automatically becomes fun and enjoyable. You both laugh like crazy people, about something silly and get excited over simple things together. You can talk for hours and hours with each other, and still have a lot to talk about.

Loyalty is a very rare trait. To have a loyal friend, you are very lucky. A loyal friend always stays by your side, through the good and the bad times. If you want someone to talk to, you automatically call your friend. That friend listens to your rant, your frustrations and all your complaints without saying a word; comforts you when you are down and encourages you. When you want a piece of advice or an opinion about something, your friend is always there to give his/her honest two-cents about it. You can share all your embarrassing experiences with your friend and not be afraid of being laughed at. A good friend never hesitates to tell about your wrongdoings.

You can always ask your friend for help. You are never turned down. Your friend does the best to help you.

There’s this understanding between you two. You always know what your friend is thinking just by looking at his/her face. Your friend knows exactly how you will react if you are in a particular situation. You can make fun of each other, without hurting each other. No matter how different your tastes are, it doesn’t matter to you two.

Distance never affects your friendship. No matter where your friend is, the distance never has any impact on your friendship. You might meet each other and talk face to face after many months or years, but you will still feel that you were never apart from each other. There is no communication gap whatsoever; no matter how much time you spend apart from each other. There is always enough time for your friend.

To have found such friends, I am truly lucky. It is so fascinating, how I am always able to be myself around you people without thinking too much, considering how hard it is for me. Excuse me for not contacting you first; I am forgetful. I hope this friendship doesn’t change for the years to come. Dedicated to all my dear friends, thank you for bearing with me.