Are Grades Really Important ?

Likhita S
Apr 17, 2019   •  15 views

For students, grades are very important. If your school or college, divides the classes based on ranks, grades become much more important, since the best classes have the best facilities. They play a major role in determining which university or college you will go into. Your university or college is the base of your career. The better university or college you go to, the better future you have. At least, that is how the whole picture is painted for most of the people.

Now, coming to the main point. Are grades really important? According to the given scenario, they do seem like everything don't they. But how is it that different people, with different strengths, different abilities, are all graded in the same way? Through written tests. Pondering about it, grades reflect different things about different people. For some, they reflect the amount of hard work they put in, to achieve those grades. While for others, who don't need to put in so much effort, it reflects their ability to grasp and apply things faster than others. Not everyone gets the same result,with the same time and effort they put. Therefore, the grading system has always been a subject of criticism.

There is this story, where a fish, a rabbit, a bird and some other animals attend a school. They are graded based on swimming, hopping and flying. Obviously, a fish can swim not the other animals, similarly only a bird can fly, anda rabbit can hop. So, the animals decide to master the other activities, which they are not good at. In this process, they lose their original talent and don't learn those activities as well, since they are not meant for them. That school has a grading system similar to ours. Though we are not same as the animals, since humans can pick up a lot of skills, it is true that many students lose their abilities and don't discover what they are good at while focusing too much on grades. But is not wise to ignore education, since it teaches us the basics. Learning is a part of life.

But the thing is, grades are important. What matter most, however is not getting good grades. It is about the effort. Try your best, put the results aside. Yes, grades are essential and important, but they are not everything. Grades don't show everything about you. They assess a very limited part of you. So, put your effort while studying and always work for your goal. Develop the skills you need for achieving your goal. Everyone is good at something or the other. It is important to find that.

Look around you, there are all kinds of successful people. Everyone is unique, but the most common thing among all of them is the effort and hard work. They never stopped learning. There's this common example I hear whenever there is a discussion about grades and education," Mark Zuckerberg was a college drop out, even then he is successfull". If you believe this, you are ignorant. Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard University. Yes, the university which is very hard to get into. He was actually a very brilliant student. So, please don't believe such examples.

Ultimately, hard work and learning are important.



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