We are the author of our own life stories. How we behave towards others determine the quality of our life. Basically, life consists of four factors- personal life, Relationship, Work life, Social Contribution. It is important to balance all the factors of life. We can't just focus on one factor and ignore the other three. If we do so it disbalance our life. Life is a beautiful journey where the process is more beautiful than destiny. As we become successful do not forget the key to the happiness of life.

Let discuss the four factors of life in detail-

1. Personal life

Personal if is the most crucial part of our life. We can't ignore our personal life no matter how busy we are because happiness begins from ourselves. Personal life should feel with positivity and happiness. If we are truly happy in our personal life it becomes easy to carry our relational life, work life with happiness. Otherwise, the frustration and negativity of personal life also reflect on the other three factors of life.

2. Relationship

We should deal with others sensitively; our attitude towards life affect how we act in our relationship. Relations are a very sensitive part of life. It takes time to build a good relationship with someone but no time to break. Saying things in anger damages our relationship. Hence we should try to avoid doing so. Forgiveness is an important aspect of a relationship. A long lasting relation goes through many forgiveness and sacrifices. Deal with the person we love with kind and compassion. Our mutual funds and our relationships have one thing in common: we must invest in both before we withdraw.

3. Work life

At work, we tend to compare and compete with others, instead of comparing and competing with ourselves. There are two causes of unhealthy competition, being envious of someone or uncontrolled ambition. Competition is found in all spheres of life. Some examples include sports, business, politics and workplace. Healthy competition is all about competing with ourselves rather than others to become a better version of ourselves. We should understand ourselves to know what is meaningful to us, and what we want to devote our time to. This can be done by understanding our purpose which takes dedication and patience.

4. Social contribution

Let's know the philosophy of ice-cream and candle. The ideology behind the ice-cream is: enjoy your life before it melts. It symbolizes hedonism; to savour every moment of life through personal enjoyment. On the other hand, the candle is symbolic of another ideology: to give light to others before it melts. Both ice-cream and candle melt, but their reason for doing so are completely different. Be the one who helps others. The happiness of helping others can't be expressed in words. Suppose, a delivery man delivers something to your door in the hot sun just ask him a glass of water which will make his day. This small thing does not cost anything all you get is blessings and happiness. A helping hand is always better than praying lips.



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Your article is also beautiful!