Helo friendz!!!!!!!

So as per the topic hope you all might have came across what I am going to speak right?. Yes, it's all about TRUE LOVE.

LOVE defines meaning to our life and gives strength to our weakness. Before we go deep inside, Guyz do you think the word love only defines with your opposite 'sex'? Then you are all worng. Love defines all type of relationships like mom, dad, friends, family etc...,

Now let's just recall all types of love which we received in our life and which we didn't... Let's see some of its;

1. Parents :

This is the most special thing we got in our life which we didn't choose and also this is the love which we receive before we reach the world.

Look at the picture. Even though it's black and white, the picture definites the unmeasureable happiness and love. They don't know what gender you are?,What type of human you are?,How you will appear?,How you will treat them?,How you look like?,etc...,. After all these questions they still love you with uncontrollable love. They give us all the best thing without any expectations. They won't save money for them, rather they save for us. They won't eat food on time, rather they provide delicious food for us. They don't buy new clothes for them, but they gift us the most expensive dress according to their money. They don't show their pain, but they can't see us in pain. They don't enjoy their life,but makes our life most enjoyable. They don't rest because they don't want us to be restless. You are always their prince/princess. Okay!!!!!! I know there are more to speak about this special topic. For now let's finish this here because their are no words to describe our parents love.

2. Friends:

The word friend itself a magical word. Friends love are beyond our limits. They give us shoulders when we needed. They lend everything when we need without any questions. They are called friends. They are not our blood but more then blood relationship. They will be our side in all our sadness and happiness. They cry with us, they laugh with us, they become sad with us, they become happy with us. More over they will be with us in all type of seasons.

They support us when we are down and when lose all our hopes. They understand us within a short span of life and opens up our true nature and, also makes our life a beautiful one. They trust in us more than anyone else and makes us to trust ourself. Friendship doesnt come by looks and appearance its all about our heart. To get such a friendship we must be blessed. This love proves the existence of loyalty and trust.

3. Partners:

Finally!!! We came to the topic which everyone is waiting for. This love, Love is true when it gives you the freedom to be the perfect reflection of your realself,Allowing you to be the way you are. It doesn't mean of not changing your bad things. The true love will automatically changes all your bad things and will make you the good one. It also shows the good things in you which you might have never imagined that you are.

As per the picture, the people will love you the way you are, they will not accept only your good, they will accept your bad tooo and the way you are. This love will last till your death and even after your death. Specially, this love is blind by nature. They trust you blindly, they believe your everything. This love will make you feel that your are a fairy prince/princess. The most dreamy sequence of our life is this Love.We will meet our soulmate in this Love.

Love miss the person who loves you, Never hurt the person you love! Loveyourlife !! Love yourself!!!


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