A Place To Be Visited -Yelagiri

Lekha Sri
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Travel lover?, Thinking where to spend your holidays?, Then this is for you. I am sure after reading this you will sure plan a day out here!.

Yelagiri is a hill station, also called as a small ooty. This beautiful scenery was located at vellore district in TamilNadu. It's altitude is of about 1410.6 meters and spread over an area of 30km2. You may think why this history over here, but still know it before planning a day there because many suffer lack of this knowledge. The whole yelagiri was first a private property of yelagiri zamindhar family and in 1950's it was taken over by the government. Yeah! Still the house of zamindars exists.

At first, It was not much popular but the climate of the hill attracted our fellow humans. It was further devepoled by the District administration to upgrade it as a tourist destination by promoting many adventure sports like hill climbing and paragliding.

Is a place for trekking?

Obviously, It is a place loved by many professional trekkers throughout India. It is also called as "Trekker's Paradise". Many spend their leasure time here. The very cool climate's attraction reached as far as possible.

Special places and events which should not be missed:

It is a hill station filled with green valley, aquariums, artificial lake of 25 ft depth, nature park and many. On the end of May month a festival celebrated there named "Kodai vizhaa" meaning summer festival. During that time dogs of various breeds from various places assembled there for a dog show. Many hotels are also available to get stayed in the hill itself to celebrate the next day morning climate . I have included a hotel's detail below for your benifit.


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Hope you will be beneficial reading this and plan a day out there.



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Thank you. Sure!
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Lovely description of Yellagiri! Please have a look at my articles too!