Login is a term we all are aware of as we do it every day either on our smart companions (smart phones) or on a computer. We come across infinite social media platforms that elevate our interest and anticipation. Social media platforms work on one ingredient, i.e. curiosity. Curiosity is what drives us to take part in something that we are unfamiliar with. The curiosity in unfamiliarity about something triggers our senses and we fall for it. I am not against social media, in fact I am vehement about it as much as you are. This article is about logging in to something else other than social media.

By now, I am certain that we all are aware of the differences between social life and personal life. Nobody likes to portray their “not so curious” part socially. However, it is up to us to impose some qualities on ourselves that are indeed for our own good.

One fine day, take seat in a peaceful place, relax and try to login. Well, not in your Facebook or Instagram account, but login into your own account, in a platform that is a part of something that sits on top of our body. Login into yourself. I’m sure that you can find menus in there too. A home button, that contains latest news feed that you have read and fed in your mind. A personal profile button, that has every information about yourself. A contact button, where there is a list of people’s contacts who matter to you. A message button and a messenger that keeps track of conversations you’ve had with people from your contact list. A settings button, for all the modifications you need on your account. This is a personal account and it is entirely private. You and only you can access it.

However, the world is full of hackers and sometimes it is possible that your account might be in danger. But, take note, hackers are the people that are already in your contact list. Yes! Believe me when I say this. The account I’m referring to is in jeopardy from internal malfunctions. Thus, you should be aware of such hackers and remove them from the list. It is a simple process, go to settings, go to contact list and erase the contact. Do not let anybody access your settings. Even if it’s too late, take back control of your account.

The reason I’m stressing on the point is, I see people who are quite reserve about their social media accounts and its security. People freak out when something appears to have happened, even though its not. If you are so reserve about the security of your social accounts, why aren’t you reserve about the security of your personal account. Think about it.

Once in a while, login into your personal account and make sure its safe