Vistara Airlines To Provide Sanitary Pads On Board

Adding on to a long list of existing airlines, Tata Sons introduced a new domestic airline Vistara in 2015, providing passengers with a whole new experience of flying. Vistara was the first airline to introduce premium economy seats on domestic routes in India. It was also the first to offer mobile boarding passes and separate check-in & boarding rows for different classes. It gave room to many facilities for travellers including space & comfort along with a complementary section of food & beverages AND Starbucks coffee on board. The in-flight catering service consists of a wide range menu that provides both vegetarian and non- vegetarian meals. The menu is considerably changed every seventh day and there are different menus for lunch & dinner. In 2018, Vistara launched its entertainment system called "Vistara World" which can directly be accessed by customers on their own smart devices or laptops. It features movies and music with many genres which are refreshed almost every month. 

Constantly upgrading its services by adding new facilities, Vistara recently took an initiative called #PadsOnBoard for women's health & hygiene on account of International Women's Day 2019. They announced that women passengers on board will be provided with sanitary napkins upon request.

They also said that they will only be using biodegradable and certified organic products.

This announcement received many positive reactions on Twitter and women all across the country thanked Vistara for providing with one of the basic needs for all the women of menstruating age. 

As they say "small changes make huge differences", we look forward for this initiative to inspire not just the other airlines but also the railway and other long-distance commute systems to take such leads.