“Death is inevitable.

But when you deny your soul the right to speak up, when the voice in your head gets shushed, when you refuse to reach out for help, that’s when you bury yourself alive.” - Zariyaaa

Mental Health is not what you think it is. Good mental health means you’re feeling good and doing well. It’s measured by your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Mental Health at its best is your well-being. You know your:

  1. Strengths:- You know what you are best at.

  2. Coping methods:- How you deal with problems

  3. Weakness:- It makes you a real person

  4. Daily stress:- What worries you and what you can do about it

You explore your thoughts. You know your mind. You don’t waste time on “What’s my problem?”

You’re cool thinking about “What’s making me happy?”

That, my friend, is mental health.

Why should I know about Mental Health?

The mouse closed its eyes thinking that if he couldn’t see the cat, the couldn’t get him. Surprise. The mouse got eaten. If you’re like that mouse, my condolences.

We ignore what we don’t want. What if we have a problem? If we don’t think about the problem, we don’t have the problem. (See: Mouse)

But what if the problem doesn’t go away? What an attitude! How dare the problem not go away?

You're the one in charge.

Because only you can decide whether the problem is more powerful than you. Only you can solve it for yourself.

Nobody chooses to have problems. But we all have them anyway. Some have mental problems too. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it go away. you know you can. You just need to know how.

  • Research shows what good Mental Health can do: Increased Learning,

  • Creativity and Productivity,

  • Pro- Social Behavior

  • Positive Social Relationships

  • Improved Physical Health and Life Expectancy.

And what happens with poor Mental Health?

  • Breakdowns triggered

  • Panic attacks

  • Unable to cope with stress

  • Disorders

  • Life disrupted

Mental Health means you’re not allowed to let yourself suffer. You have to become a happy, healthy person; even if you have to fight your own demons to make it so.