What Is The Difference Between Holding The Degrees And Fulfilling The Degrees

Kumari Kriti Raj
Jul 05, 2019   •  3 views

India is a fast developing country, faster than any country right now. So it is very important for the youth of India to develop themselves not in terms of degree but in terms of mind. India has a lot of educated youth, it means a lot youngster with a lot of degrees but India is one of those countries where the population of unemployed is touching the Everest. Why??? Because here people care about degrees not about mindset and intellect.

What is a degree

The degree is an official letter or a position that student of any field gets it after pursuing some course in education. The degree is the official tag of student that determine their level in terms of studies. The student achieves it after getting successfully qualified in that certain field of studies. This degree also shows how talented and how capable a student is. But many people misunderstood it. They think the more will be the degrees the more will be the job opportunities. But it is about those things for which you have got a degree, that is, being literate. There are many people in India who are illiterate even after holding a certain degree. The only marginalization between literate and illiterate is the way of using the mind or talking and presenting intellectual words or thoughts.

Now, the basic marginalization between the so-called degree holders and their fulfillers is the use of their subject. Suppose if anyone has completed their graduation from English subject or English as their honors then they just not need to use English in every subject but try to connect it with daily life and action. Showing off by speaking English is not the real use of the subject. English literature is such a subject which is related to every subject, whether it is history or psychology. So it is better to expand the knowledge than to confine it. The more you will read anything with heart and use it from the mind is the real meaning of any degree. But nowadays nobody cares about keeping the degree, they are too much in to collect it. Some people have more 2 bachelorette degree which is illegal in India but still, they have it. Why? Because they don't care about the deeper meaning of any course and its degree. For these people, it is just a license for filling the forms of any government job. But what we will do after getting that job if we don't have any basic knowledge about our particular subject. So it is better to hold on the degree and to fulfill it with the heart and intellect mind.