The mind is not only about thinking or thoughts but it is also about emotion. Generally what we do is that when something emotional comes, we put it in the category of heart. But have you thought that heart can also think and can have thought too?? Well if you have thought of it then it must be from your mind, not from your heart!

Let me tell you what actually emotion is

Emotion is not just an expression that other people think. It is a truth that gets reflected by some of your action. This action may get delivered by your body or by your thoughts. But every time we cannot say that whatever you deliver through your body by doing any action is emotion. For example, if we are jealous of someone or to their works, we started acting. We say that we don't like that person or the work of that person. But actually we are liking it and we are getting more and more into the state of anger because we can't do that same work as that person is doing. So here, the jealous is the truth or the real emotion but the anger is false which is getting delivered by our body!!

Emotions also reflect that behavior that we don't want to deliver, like our unconscious mind. We all know that being in the state of unconsciousness is common and everyone gets into it every day but no one wants to show it to others because they think that they may act as weird!!! But sometimes emotion shows our unconscious part and we started acting like weird. And sometimes it is totally okay to act weird because at least you should know that what exactly your unconscious mind is thinking or reflecting.

The mind is something which is very complicated, even complicated than the heart because the mind never sticks at one place, it is very easy to divert our mind. But when it comes to our heart then it is very clear because our heart has the capability of sticking or being constant at one thing. Our heart knows what we want but our mind started thinking it intellectually and that is the biggest problem. Suppose if we want to buy anything and our heart is totally ready or is attracted towards that thing but at the same time, our mind started thinking that whether this thing will be usable for the present time or for the future. In this confusion, we leave that thing and decide not to buy it. It means that our mind won the game. It is not so surprising because it happens with everyone and every time. We always give more priority to our mind than to our heart. We always forget to maintain that balance between our mind and heart. And because of this, we fail to understand our own selves.